Set Up Your Home Gym in 5 Easy Steps

Set Up Your Home Gym in 5 Easy Steps

Identify your workout space then reach your fitness goals!

It’s true—there’s just so many options of workout equipment available and it can be difficult to pick and prioritize. While it feels like we should have it all, sometimes it all boils down to how much (more) space you can harbor in your home. Have you taken over the living room? Have you converted a part of the garage into a gym? Or are you working out in a corner of your room? 

Wherever you are in this journey of finding the right equipment for your space and fitness goals, here are 5 easy steps so you can start building your very own gym at home.

Step 1: Identify your space

Before you invest in a set of weights, a barbell, or any bulky equipment, make sure to plan your floor space and storage space correctly. Your floor space should at least accommodate your training mat for any floor exercises like burpees or core exercises. Exercises like yoga, barre, or pilates may need a little more wiggle room than training mat space, while a full-on weight rack will need a larger space like a garage or a room of its own. Once this is set, you can start planning for other equipment you want to add to your gym.

Active, Training Mat, P1,000 Active, Yoga Mat, P1,900 



Step 2: Start with the essentials

Choose versatile, and space efficient equipment that you’ll use repeatedly. Here are some items you can pick from: (1) The High Velocity Rope, for cardio bursts (2) The Ybell, a multipurpose tool that can be used as a dumbbell, medicine ball, and kettlebell (3) Foam Roller, for mobility (4) Power Bands, for challenging bodyweight exercises and mobility.


Active, High Velocity Rope, P700

YBell Neo, starts at P3,500

Active, Foam Roller, P900 Active, Power Band, starts at P500


Step 3: Consider add-ons

After the basics, consider the following items depending on your fitness routine:

If you want to improve your agility and have space for jumping and leaping: (1) Hex Grid System, for agility drills and better reflexes (2) Speed Step Ladder, for cardio drills and improved coordination (3) Quick Jump Hurdle, for plyometric training


Active, Hex Grid System, P2,000  Active, Quickjump Hurdle, P2,500 Active, Quickjump Hurdle, P2,500

If you want to diversify your weights to build muscle mass and improve your strength: (1) Weighted Bar, for squats, deadlifts, thrusters, shoulder to overhead movements, and more (2) Core Stability Ball, for challenging ab exercises (3) A pair of Hexagon Dumbbells in light, medium and heavy weights, for upper body work and strength training
Livepro, Weighted Bar, starts at P1,100 Active, Core Stability Ball, P5,000 Progress, Hexagon Dumbbells, starts at P3,2350


Step 4. Think of storage

Now that you’ve invested in multiple pieces of equipment, you can take your home gym to the next level and install weight racks to take advantage of vertical storage. (1) Vertical Dumbbell Rack, to store your hexagon dumbbells (2) Weighted Ball Rack, to neatly stow away medicine balls and (3) Plate Tree, for your weight plates


Progress, Vertical Dumbbell Rack, P14,500 Progress, Weighted Ball Rack, P15,500 Progress, Plate Tree, P14,000


Step 5: Enjoy!

Make the most out of your home gym (and investment!). Invite your parents, siblings, partner, and kids to join you in your workout sessions. It’s a great bonding activity and will get everyone at home to stay healthy and happy. 

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Author: Alex Pajarillo

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