How to make working out a habit

How to make working out a habit

The best results come from consistency.

The benefits of fitness are undeniable. It keeps illnesses at bay, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves your mental health and mood to name a few. But with the stresses of everyday life, especially today where some of us are juggling between raising kids, cooking meals, running errands and working a day job, it can be challenging to add in a fitness routine to your already busy day. 

You are definitely not alone. Many have tried and failed to set up a regular fitness routine more than once and that’s okay, jump starting a fitness routine can be done anytime. Although, if there is one thing you need to know before getting on this list, it’s this: There’s really no cheat sheet for getting abs in 2 weeks or losing 20 pounds in 20 days. 

Let’s leave all our unhealthy expectations at the door and get fit on our own terms. 

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  • Have a purpose
  • Why do you want to make working out a habit? Is it to improve your health or get stronger? Is it to reduce stress? Is it a lifelong dream of yours to join a spartan race or a triathlon? Whatever your motivation is, having a purpose will definitely make forming the habit easier. 

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  • Set a time
  • Dedicate a few minutes a day to yourself and your fitness. Look at your current schedule and decide on the time of day you’re most likely to stick to. Is it right when you wake up, during lunch break, or after work? No one knows you better than yourself, so pick a time that’s best for you. 



  • Start with small goals
  • Ease yourself into a fitness routine and create simple, achievable goals. Whether it’s a walk around the block each day, fifty jumping jacks when you wake up, twenty minutes on the treadmill, or a fun Zumba class, start with an activity that you enjoy and can always stick to. 

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  • Focus on forming the habit first
  • It’s important to note that fitness is a journey and not a destination. Instead of working towards an end goal like six pack abs in 8 weeks, try to shift your perspective and focus on the process. Improving your process is a constant effort. It takes time, dedication, and yes, a few lifestyle adjustments to achieve your body goals. 

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  • Progress
  • When you feel like your usual routine starts to get too easy, start increasing the amount and intensity of your workouts. You can gradually increase the intensity by jumping higher, running faster, going deeper or even just adding 10 more minutes of work. 

    Wherever you are in this journey, whether you’re starting from zero or you’re currently in a slump, you can always try again. Consistency is key and after you’ve formed the habit, it will be difficult to imagine your life without a little movement. And always remember that it’s okay to get sidetracked—it happens to the best of us!—but the most important thing is to get back on track and keep moving forward.

    Author: Alex Pajarillo
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